Brain Development Workshop for Parents of Babies/Toddlers/Young Children (Southern Trust) – 30 August 2022

Brain development workshop for Parents of babies/toddlers/young children resident in the Southern Trust Area.

The workshop will take place over zoom on Tuesday 30th August from 10am-12 noon.

Learning about your baby/child’s brain development may support to:

  • Cope with a crying baby
  • Manage your baby to settle/soothe
  • Normalise and manage tantrums/anxiety
  • Enjoy tummy time, play and mealtimes
  • Build a positive relationship with your baby/child

What does the 2 hour session cover?

  • How the baby’s brain develops in the context of a relationship with Parent/Carers.
  • Activities to support the parent-child relationship
  • Early Social and Emotional Development/Language Skills/Turn Taking/Tantrums/Separation anxiety/Building Early Resilience

Further info/booking – Email or Tel: 07585889605

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