The Department for Communities Children’s Champion is inviting you to a virtual event being held by The Share Foundation.

Of the 189,000 Child Trust Funds (CTFs) opened for young people in Northern Ireland an estimated 70,000 belong to 16-19 year-olds. In this age range, young people are allowed to take control of their accounts; but account providers report that 53% of those aged 18 and over (the age at which they can withdraw their money) have yet to claim their funds, typically worth over £1,000. A huge proportion of these accounts are ‘Addressee Gone Away’ or have never been registered, thus risking losing access to their money. This particularly impacts more disadvantaged young people.

To attempt to address this issue, The Share Foundation, working with HMRC and Child Trust Fund account providers, is running a UK-wide series of Virtual CTF Events for those aged 16 and over to help them find their accounts.

The next event will take place on Tuesday 26th October at 7pm for young people in Northern Ireland. The Virtual CTF Event runs for about 30 minutes with short videos and a breakout session for groups of young people to ask any questions they may have to CTF ambassadors. The link to register for the 26th October event is:

Further information can also be found at:

This is a fantastic opportunity as we work together to aim to improve wellbeing outcomes for young people.