Early Intervention Lisburn Locality Planning Group – Big Spring Clean

Early Intervention Lisburn LPG  promoted a Big Spring Clean in May involving 90 volunteers and 186 children and young people collecting 60 bags of rubbish in local communities across Lisburn. Lisburn Safe, Friends High School, Pond Park Primary, Largymore Primary, Barbour Nursery, Resurgam Youth Initiative, Halftown Residents Association, Laganview Enterprise Centre, and Hilden Community Association all got involved to spend some time cleaning up the local area.


Mr Adrian Bird, Director of the Resurgam Trust said “We want to contribute in a meaningful way to make Lisburn a pleasant, clean and safe place for everyone to live, work and enjoy. We were delighted at the number of volunteers and organisations who were willing to take part and give up their free time to clean up the City.”