EITP – Getting Ready for Toddler launch new video

There are two key changes being introduced universally relating to the delivery of
services for children aged 3+ in their preschool year:-

3+ Health Review: This is a new Health Review being introduced into the pre-school
setting where Health Visitors will work in partnership with children, parents and
education colleagues to promote children’s social, emotional and behavioural
development, providing them with information and signposting to other services,
where appropriate. It includes the use of an Ages and Stages Questionnaire in
relation to social and emotional development of children (ASQ:SE-2).

Click here to view video about 3+ Health Review in Pre-School

Named Health Visitor alignment to Department of Education (DE) funded preschool
education settings: Health Visitors are aligned to DE funded preschool settings where they work in partnership with education colleagues to support and promote healthy child development and learning. The health visitor provides an initial face to face contact with the pre-school principal/leader during the first term of the academic year and provides a minimum of two further contacts with the preschool principal/leader one per term. Contacts may be via phone / email or face to face.  The Health Visitor will also inform the pre-school principal or leader of any pending health campaigns.