Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People –Locality Planning in Belfast – Information Events

North Belfast Information Day

Information events have been held in North, South, East and West Belfast to begin discussions with local organisations about how the development of locality planning groups should be taken forward. If you are interested in becoming involved in this process or want more information, then please contact us.

Children and Young People’s Locality Planning Groups bring together all statutory, voluntary and community sector organisations in an area to work together to improve outcomes for local children and young people. It is critical that the area covered by such a group makes sense to local communities and that children, young people and parents are involved.

Four initial information events were organised and hosted by the Belfast Area Partnerships supported by Community Representatives from the Belfast Outcomes Groups in South, East, West and North Belfast to take this forward. The events were all well attended by the statutory, voluntary and community organisations operating in each of the areas.

These discussions have been very informative and will continue in each area as the plans develop.

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