Language Access Fund – Support for Ukrainian Nationals

Language Access Fund – Support for Ukrainian Nationals


In an effort to support the millions of families that have had to take refuge as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, Trinity College London is pleased to introduce a special round of the Trinity Language Access Fund to help those who have been affected by the war. 

What is the Trinity Language Access Fund? 

The Trinity Language Access Fund has been developed to provide English language learning and examination grants for learners who experience barriers due to race inequality, settlement status, special needs, disability and more.    

Support for Ukrainian Nationals 

The funding in this round will be specifically allocated to Ukrainian nationals who are deserving of the opportunity to learn English but who may not have access to education because of their circumstances.  

Teachers and organisations working with Ukrainian refugee learners are encouraged to apply for funding to help with the costs of lessons, equipment, materials or exams. 

Now open for applications 

Those looking to submit an application in this special Ukrainian Support round can do so from Monday 4 April 2022 up until Monday 27 June 2022. 

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