Measuring Up: Lunchtime Webinar – 2 December 2021

Measuring Up: Using measures to learn about the children and families we serve, lunchtime webinar

Please join us on Thursday 2nd of December for ‘Measuring Up,’ a lunchtime webinar on using outcome measurement tools in practice.

This 60 minute webinar will explore the ways in which validated tools are used to gain insights into the communities we serve. We will ask why measurement tools are pivotal to processes and outcomes, and what is the value of outcome measurement for the children, young people and families that access our supports and services? The webinar will include a demonstration of the Child Youth and Family (CYF) Database.

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The CYF Database profiles over +150 standardised measurement tools that have been used in research in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Each measure is described in detail, including its key characteristics, target age group or population, domains measured, and its reliability and validity.

Visit the CYF Database:

See our ‘how to’ video for more on what the CYF Database can do: