Looked After Children/Youth Homelessness 16+ (LAC 16+)

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The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership oversees a number of Northern Ireland wide sub-groups established to take forward integrated planning on a Northern Ireland wide basis, including a Sub-Group on Looked After Children. This Sub-Group is called Looked After Children (LAC16+).

A ‘Looked After Child’ is defined as:

‘The Children (NI) Order 1995 states that a ‘looked after’ child is one ‘who is in the care of a Trust or who is provided with accommodation by a Trust’.Looked after children can live:

  • in a residential home
  • in a residential school
  • in a foster placement
  • in a family placement with a relative or occasionally at home

The needs of Looked After Children are complex and diverse, many experiencing some form of trauma prior to becoming a looked after child. These are challenges to which the CYPSP Looked After Children (LAC16+) Sub-Group anticipate to address to ensure the needs of looked after children are prioritized and addressed through statutory, community and voluntary social care services.


Progress to date

Message from the Chair of the CYPSP Looked After Children/Youth Homelessness 16+ Sub-Group

Your views are being sought about how to improve outcomes for looked after children and young people across Northern Ireland. A regional sub group with membership from the statutory, voluntary and community sectors has been set up by the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership- the Looked After Children/Youth Homelessness 16+ (LAC/16+) Sub-Group.