The Diana Award – nomination season!

This means that every day, we get to hear about the incredible young people who are standing up to change the world around them.

The Diana Award is bestowed upon inspiring, courageous, compassionate young people, positively transforming the lives of others in Diana, Princess of Wales memory and legacy.

But we’ve been thinking – what if we miss someone? What if there are changemakers out there whose stories aren’t being told?

This is where you come in…

We need your help in identifying young people who, like Diana, Princess of Wales, are courageously breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes and making change happen.

Help us find the next generation of changemakers by:

ONE_ Help us spread the word about our Nominations campaign through your networks. Re-tweet, share, and like our posts, and keep an eye out on our feed – download our Campaign Pack for more ideas and don’t forget to use the hashtag #2022DianaAwards.

TWO_ If you happen to know a young changemaker yourself then please head over to our nomination centre to nominate them for a Diana Award by Friday 11th March.


Let’s give these young people the recognition they deserve!