Portadown Gets Active Halloween 2021 Programme

An amazing few days was spent at this year’s Portadown Gets Active Halloween programme!

Thursday saw the children doing lots of team games, relay races and circuits as well as having delicious flatbreads and fruit salad for lunch.

Friday was Family Fun Day at Millennium Court, with activities led by Oasis’ incredible Aspire volunteers. We had flower planting with flowers from Forget-Me-Not Flower and Garden Shop, pizza from Garlic & Thyme Wood Fired Pizza, and stalls from Children in Northern Ireland (CiNI), CYPSP, NIACRO, Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Public Health Agency.

Everyone got a stamp for taking part in the games, which meant PRIZES, and they got to take home fresh vegetable packs from Homegrown and even an apple or rhubarb crumble from Ebron’s Enterprise!

A huge thanks goes to the funders of the Portadown Gets Active programme, ALMAC Group, as well as all of the partners involved (Oasis, CiNI, CYPSP, ABC Council, Family Support Hub, SHSCT, PHA) for making this possible. Thanks must go, too, to Millennium Court for permitting the use of their venue for the PGA Halloween events this year.

See more pictures on Oasis’ Facebook page HERE.