Locality Planning Groups

‘Children, young people, parents and community improving outcomes at a local level’

What are Locality Planning Groups


Locality Planning Groups are partnerships between statutory, voluntary and community organisations that are working with and for children young people and families at a local geography; such as District Council areas

Locality Planning Groups are a Partnership of front line leaders and staff across all sectors from the local neighbourhood/locality.  Their work focuses on Early intervention, Building preventative places and Improving outcomes for children and young people.

Each Locality Planning Group reports to their respective outcomes group by sharing information, knowledge base and expertise about the local area  and  identifying opportunities to improve outcomes for children and young people by working better together.

Members of each Locality Planning Group understand the issues for children and young people in their locality by using the CYPSP data sets, organisational data and input from children young people, and their families and linking closely with local Family Support Hubs.

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Standards for Locality Planning Groups


Location of Locality Planning Groups

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