Regional Sub-Groups

What are Regional Sub-Groups?

‘Carry out integrated planning and commissioning for specific groups of children and young people at particular disadvantage. They concentrate on those things which cannot be achieved more locally and have to be worked through by the agencies at Northern Ireland level.’

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Young Carers Regional Subgroup
LAC/16+ Regional Subgroup
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Regional Sub Groups are working groups and have a Regional focus for Earlier intervention and prevention by Improving outcomes for vulnerable children and young people (children in need)

The Groups report to CYPSP and inform the work of Outcomes Groups by sharing information, knowledge and expertise about vulnerable children and young people by Identifying opportunities to improve outcomes through working better together.  The work of the groups is underpinned with understanding need and the issues for vulnerable children and young people using the CYPSP data sets, organisational data and input from children young people, and their families.

See attached Terms of Reference

List of Regional Sub-Groups