SBNI Trauma Informed Practice Online Training Brochure

This brochure outlines training modules on understanding the impact of adversity and trauma informed practice currently available to support practitioners across Northern Ireland. All courses contained in this brochure are free for practitioners, funded by the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland.

The SBNI acknowledges that recognising and responding to the imprints of childhood adversity and trauma, will remain an integral part of achieving better outcomes through the implementation of trauma informed practice in organisations across NI. Trauma informed practice can only happen in the context of trauma informed and trauma responsive environments, policies, systems and organisations.

When we consider adversity and trauma in the workplace and in our organisations, this can help in understanding our own responses and needs and also in our thinking about the responses and needs of the people we work with.

The SBNI continues to work to help its member agencies and other related bodies to:

► have an awareness of adverse childhood experiences;

► be aware of the impact of adversity and trauma on development across the lifespan;

► be able to identify what supports resilience to cope with adversity; and

► embed a trauma informed approach in their work.

The SBNI is committed to providing support to enable member agencies & partners to develop trauma informed practice to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of the children in Northern Ireland and the adults they develop into.

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