Belfast Family Support Networking Event


The lead bodies responsible for coordinating the family support hubs in Belfast were brought together for the bi-monthly Belfast Family Support Hub Network meeting this month.

The event was an opportunity for hub coordinators to discuss a range of issues including; 

  • how the Hubs are working;
  • the interface with statutory organisations; and 
  • any emerging factors that will impact families.


They share information during these meetings that will assist each other in order to achieve consistency across the family support hub network in Belfast. The BHSCT Early Intervention Support Team facilitate each network meeting and coordinators also receive information about regional developments from the Regional Hub Coordinator.


At the present time there has been a steady increase in self- referrals to the family support hubs in Belfast as families become more familiar with the role of the Hubs and realise this is a place they can go to directly to receive help and support.


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For information and referral processes of family support services across Northern Ireland please visit the Family Support NI website at: