Tax Free Childcare Information Sessions

Hempsall’s consultancy, on behalf of HMRC, is running two upcoming information seminars in NI (via Zoom)  on Tax-Free Childcare.


The first session is if you come into contact with families through your work. For example, you could be a health visitor, social worker, housing officer, early years or childcare provider, holiday activity provider, schoolteacher, or work in children’s centres, early help, job centres. If you work with families across the public, private and/or voluntary sectors and want to find out more about increasing the take up of Tax-Free Childcare on 31 May 7-8 pm.

The second session is If you offer services to families across the public, private and/or voluntary sectors and want to find out more about increasing the take up of Tax-Free Childcare and how it can help your business in 2023 on 5 June 7-8.30 pm

For more information and to register for the event download flyers:

Tax Free Childcare Information for Providers

Tax Free Childcare information for Professionals

Are your Child’s Vaccines Up to Date

Immunisation is the safest and most effective way of protecting against serious diseases. The Public Health Agency (PHA) strongly recommends that babies and children are vaccinated according to the Routine Childhood Immunisations Schedule; and are urging parents to check their child’s red book to see if vaccinations are up-to-date.

Vaccination rates have seen a slight decrease over recent years and the additional disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have caused some of the decreases in vaccine coverage. It is important vaccination coverage is improved as soon as possible to help prevent the spread of avoidable serious and sometimes deadly diseases such as measles and polio.

For more information visit Check your child’s red book to see if vaccinations are up-to-date | HSC Public Health Agency (

Also view Why the MMR Vaccine is important for you and your family at

Useful links for Safer Internet Day

This Safer Internet Day 2023, we invite you to check out our interactive resource, containing useful links for parents/carers and those who work with children & young people.

If you click on the logos included in the pdf, you will be taken straight through to the corresponding websites / webpages containing information & resources focusing on keeping children and young people safer online.

The weblinks collated are only a sample of the plethora of online internet safety information currently available in the public domain. We simply aim to raise awareness of key sources and further reading for yourselves and the children, young people and families with whom you work.

Please also share with colleagues, family members and friends, if relevant.

How are Children and Young People Doing in Northern Ireland?

We have just published our NI outcome monitoring report 2021 full of multi-agency population/census data. Download your copy now at This is a great resource for assessing need, planning & evidence for funding opportunities.


This 11th Outcome Monitoring Report shows how children and young people in Northern Ireland are doing in relation to the Government’s eight outcomes and covers the period 2015 up to 2022 (where available) The report presents the information collected against agreed indicators for each outcome, providing trend analysis over time and comparison across geographical sectors.

This report will be kept as a live report under the publications page on the CYPSP website with information being updated as it becomes available we have highlighted in the index  where we are still awaiting data.

Issue 95 – Southern Area FYI – 5 January 2023

Welcome to the first 2023 edition of our information bulletin, ‘FYI’ (For Your Information) – Issue 95.

 Download your copy here

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you had a good break over Christmas.

To help support all those working with children, young people and their families, we extend our invitation to all practitioners and volunteers to attend any of our LPG meetings across the Southern Trust Area and have included a calendar for all our LPG meeting dates in 2023 on Page 6.

To find out more about what we do, how to become involved and to access free resources, just scan our QR code on Page 55.

Welcome back! Stay connected!

Joanne Patterson & Darren Curtis, Locality Development Team, Southern Area