Bolster are excited to launch our brand new service…

AUTISM CONNECT is a person-centred social hub, a safe, creative space for adults with a diagnosis of autism only or awaiting a diagnosis.

Why are we launching this service?


In March 2020, the Southern Health and Social Care Trust commissioned  Bolster Community to co-ordinate a consultation to gain a depth of understanding of the wider social issues relating to autism in adulthood. A series of consultation events ran over twelve months and culminated in the Being Awesome (Autism and Adulthood 2021) conference in March 2021.

Here is a link to this Report:…/being-awesome-report….


Over 700 people with Autism along with parents, carers and professionals participated in the consultation and three clear overarching recommendations emerged:

  1. Community based autism support services focused on adults are urgently needed
  2. A distinct service grounded in the social model of health is needed for adults with autism but without a learning disability or mental health diagnosis and
  3. Support pathways -where navigators can co-ordinate and proactively share information, and provide highly responsive, individualised intervention to strengthen social connections within a community context in the Southern Trust area.


In response to the consultation recommendations, we’ve launched Autism Connect- a community-based support service that will provide a signposting, navigation and social opportunities for adults with an autism only diagnosis.  Would you like more information about this service? Contact Jena at