Low Cost Play Ideas

With the cost of living crisis impacting families across Northern Ireland, Playboard NI have developed a new resource highlighting a range of low-cost play ideas in the run-up to Christmas.
Play activity does not need to be expensive or involve costly toys and gadgets – there are many ‘free and found’ play opportunities that already exist within our homes, schools, childcare settings, and communities.
Read ‘Play in times of hardship’ at https://bit.ly/playintimesofhardship for lots of free and found play ideas to help make play possible.


Children’s Symptom Checker

This symptom checker from the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust will help guide you on the best course of action for your child’s condition and help ensure your child receives the most appropriate care in the right place, at the right time, from the most appropriate team.

You will find information on some of the most common conditions and symptoms that affect children.

Children’s Symptom Checker

Resources for Children & Young People With a Vision Impairment

Guide Dogs have lots of information on their website to support children and young people with vision impairments, including these resources:

Nursery Rhyme Classics for children with a vision impairment to move and groove to, with suggested specific movements and actions for each song, helping your child learn more about their bodies and how they move – https://www.guidedogs.org.uk/getting-support/help-for-children-and-families/early-years-development-and-habilitation/nursery-rhyme-songbook/

Learning Through Play Resources containing information, guidance and activities, to help support a child with a visual impairment’s early years development through play.   These resources are broken down into age ranges starting from birth, covering 5 key development areas (concept development, sensory skills, fine &gross motor skills, self help & independence and communication skills) and can easily be done at home, using everyday items – https://www.guidedogs.org.uk/getting-support/information-and-advice/learning-through-play/

iPad Learning Resources for people with a visual impairment, including how to set up the accessibility features, for sensory impairment and also some for physical disabilities, as well as guidance on using apps etc – https://www.guidedogs.org.uk/getting-support/information-and-advice/how-can-technology-help-me/tech-for-all-learning-programme/