Altram – Winter & Christmas Resources

Check out these winter and Christmas resources from Altram, the regional support group for Irish-medium early years projects.

Further Parental Support Materials –í-parents




Autism at Christmas – Supportive Strategies

Christmas is often filled with joy and celebration, but it can also be a challenging time for many autistic children and young people as it brings changes to routine, new foods, family gatherings, bright lights and loud music.

Children and young people with ASD can struggle with many of the changes and sensory aspects of Christmas so our Child and Adolescent Autism Service wants to share some strategies with you to help make your Christmas a little easier and more enjoyable.

Read the full strategies here:

Low Cost Play Ideas

With the cost of living crisis impacting families across Northern Ireland, Playboard NI have developed a new resource highlighting a range of low-cost play ideas in the run-up to Christmas.
Play activity does not need to be expensive or involve costly toys and gadgets – there are many ‘free and found’ play opportunities that already exist within our homes, schools, childcare settings, and communities.
Read ‘Play in times of hardship’ at for lots of free and found play ideas to help make play possible.