CYPSP Chair commends work of Lower North Belfast Hub at recent visit


Hugh McCaughey, Chair of the CYPSP recently joined the Lower North Belfast Hub family support meeting, which is co-ordinated by Christine McKeown and Edith McManus from the Ashton Centre.

Mr McCaughey was particularly impressed by the range of agencies connected to the Hub in this area who are involved in early intervention and making a difference in children`s lives. The collaboration between agencies across the community ensures families have access to a range of supports.


Mr McCaughey, Chair of CYPSP and Chief Executive of the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust reflects on his recent visit to the Lower North Belfast Family Support Hub meeting “I was really impressed by how well the group worked together with the clear aim of supporting families and children. The collaboration and the way people pulled together was really impressive and I have no doubt of the added real benefit to the community and families who are supported”.


Referrals to the Lower North Belfast Family Support Hub comes from a range of sources including schools ,GPs, Gateway Teams and Health Visitors as well as directly from parents.

The feedback from parents is very positive and they often state they appreciate having a Hub Co-ordinator to go to who will  find the appropriate service to meet their needs.


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For more information about the Lower North Belfast Family Support Hub please contact Christine McKeown or Edith McManus from the Ashton Centre on 028 9074 9986.