CYPSP LGB&T Subgroup ‘Come Walk in My Shoes’ Award Victory!

The PHA and QUB Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Awards were established to recognise the excellent work involving service users and carers in Health and Social Care. The PPI Awards event was held in Riddell Hall, Belfast on 22 June 2016. The CYPSP LGB&T subgroup were recognised and awarded under the Innovation in involvement’ category for their recent ‘Come Walk in my Shoes’ campaign as part of LGB&T Awareness Week.

Koulla Yiasouma, Commissioner for Children and Young People, highlighted from the event ‘as a society we cannot ignore the experiences of our LGB&T young people and how we need to understand their lives and experiences better and ensure that their rights are respected’. CYPSP and the HSCB Social Care Directorate would like to congratulate the CYPSP LGB&T Subgroup and all those participated in the event. Click here to read more.