New Interpreters Required

The Business Services Organisation Foreign Language Interpreting Service is seeking urgent applications from new Interpreters (must hold OCN Level 4 Certificate in Community Interpreting minimum) specifically for the following languages:
· Tetum
· Kurdish Sorani
· Italian
· Tigrinya
· Bengali (must be available to travel)
· Pasho – Afghan
· Dari
· Vietnamese
· Amharic
· German
· Nepali
· Tamil
· Telugu
· Croatian
· Thai
· Greek
Applicants will be required to attend a 6 day Interpreter Induction Course (via zoom) between 27 January 2022 and 3 February 2022, 10am – 4pm. The Course will be primarily delivered by a range of HSC Practitioners from: Speech and Language Therapy, Radiotherapy, Social Services, Psychological Therapies, Women’s Aid, Lifeline, and Bereavement Services.
Please contact to request an application form.