Northern Area Outcomes Group Workshop

The Northern Area Outcomes Group held a workshop on Wednesday 13th February to review their Action Plan and to share learning and improve partnership working to deliver on the key priorities and outcomes identified.  There were a number of presentations and productive discussions in relation to statistical updates, learning from family support hubs, progress of service delivery and making links with Community Planning.

Information from the CYPSP interactive mapping system was shared to help set the context of outcomes based planning within the Northern area.  Helen Dunn, Family Support Co-Ordinator, set out the learning from Family Support Hubs across the Northern Area which are a key part of the early intervention infrastructure across Northern Ireland.

Ivor Mitchell showcased two videos of work that is ongoing within the Northern Outcomes area in relation to supporting and tackling mental health with young people through the local health hub and also the progress being made through Carrickfergus Gets Active providing fun, food and learning within the local community

Community Planning presentations were delivered by Mid and East Antrim, and Antrim and Newtownabbey Councils and also the Youth Justice agency, Early Years Organisation and Cedar Foundation acknowledging collaboration and communication is key to build on what is already there and working together for all children and young people to deliver better outcomes.