Rise & Shine Preschool Newsletter

Welcome to the summer edition of the RISE NI NHSCT Preschool newsletter! It’s hard to believe that we are coming towards the end of the school year and that the summer holidays are almost here. The ‘holidays’ will hopefully feel a bit more ‘normal’ this year, as COVID restrictions in the community have relaxed, meaning we are all able to spend more time with family and friends… not to mention travel to places close to home and further afield! No matter how you spend the ‘holidays’, one thing is certain, July and August will fly by and you will soon be celebrating your little one’s first day at Primary School! This edition of RISE & Shine will focus on what you, as parents/carers/families can do to promote your child’s readiness for school over the summer months. We hope you have an action packed and fun-filled summer trying out some of our suggested activities.

Rise & Shine Preschool Newsletter 16th Edition June 2022