Early Interventions to Support Well-being

Increasing help seeking – creating opportunities for the workforce and members of the public to engage in early interventions to support well-being:

Aim: To engage members of the workforce in the HSC and C&V sector and the public in early interventions to support well-being.

Target audience: adults across our communities (regional) and the workforce in the HSC and community and voluntary sector. As this is early intervention and low intensity work (self-help), it is not aimed at people with more severe mental health challenges.

The four interventions include:

  • Using Self Compassion to Improve Wellbeing and Support Growth
  • Bend Don’t Break: a low intensity CBT based self-help to support resilience.
  • Making Our Nevous System Work For Us – Using the Polyvagal Therory to Improve Well-being
  • Building our Children’s Developing Brain: aimed at parents to help build emotional regulation with their children.

Time scale

From September 2023 until March 2024, 9 psychoeducational workshops, have been organised via zoom to engage participants in the work. (see details)




Early Years Practice E News

As we move into the beginning of September many children are transitioning into new Early Years   settings. While this can be an exciting time for all, many can experience some challenges at this stage of transition. Children who make the move into a new setting will bring their own unique personal     experiences and individual levels of readiness

Megan McConaghy (Early Years Quality Mentor) and Karen Cooke (Senior Early Years Specialist)
from Early Years Organisation for Young Children, reflect on how these individual experiences must  be fully embraced and considered to ensure a smooth transition.

Early Years practice E News August 2023

Getting Support at an Early Stage

ASCERT, the South Eastern and Western Health and Social Care Trusts have been working together to bring support to people at a much earlier stage. We have created 3 on- line self-help resources to help people work on these common things that we all have at times.

They all have workbooks that can be downloaded and visual clips that guides the viewer through the workbooks at their own pace They are all free. All we ask is if you make use of them use the evaluation link on each on to tell us in they have been helpful.

  • Using Self Compassion to Improve Wellbeing and Support Growth Self Compassion | ASCERT
  • Bend Don’t Break: Low intensity CBT based self-help to support resilience

Bend-Dont-Break-30-May-2023.pdf (hscni.net)

  • Building our Children’s Developing Brain for parents to help build their children’s emotional regulation. https://view.pagetiger.com/selfcareforfamilies

On- line workshops on Zoom between September 2023 and March 2024 will be held to create interactive ways to see what is in each resource and make use of them.  See registration links for September workshops.

To sign up for sessions from October 2023 to March 2024 see the training brochure from the Western Trust

Health Improvement, Equality and Involvement Training Brochure | Western Health & Social Care Trust (hscni.net)


Drugs and Alcohol NI

The Public Health Agency continues to commission a range of drug and alcohol intervention and prevention services across Northern Ireland. These services offer;

  • Drug and alcohol awareness and service information sessions for organisations/networks
  • Targeted life skills programmes for children and young people aged 11-25 years at risk of or experiencing substance use issues
  • Youth Engagement Services for children and young people aged 11-25 years. Young people attending the YES can receive information, advice and support on a range of issues including:
  • Mental health and Emotional wellbeing Issues: Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Self-harm, Family Problems, Educational (School) Problems;
  • Wider Personal and Health Issues: Drugs and Alcohol (including tobacco), Relationships, Sexual Health, Healthy Eating;
  • Social Welfare Issues: Benefits, Housing, Debts, Employment; and,
  • Practical Issues: Further Education, Careers, Money Management, Independent Living Skills.

The service also acts as a supportive signposting and referral agency for children

and young people with additional support needs.

For more information visit Drugs and Alcohol | NI (drugsandalcoholni.info) or contact your local trust area connections team at Contact Us | Drugs and Alcohol (drugsandalcoholni.info).

Down and Ards & North Down CYPSP Locality Planning Groups Fortnightly News

Issue 55 October 2022

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Welcome to the 55th edition of the fortnightly newsletter for Locality Planning Groups in Ards, North Down & Down. As increased cost of living hits, we would like to share information on
services promoting emotional, social and financial support for struggling
families. Please share with your contacts.
If you wish to advertise any upcoming programmes or activities
please see the guidance on the back page.