Smoke Free Homes Initiative launched in Downpatrick

Smoke Free homes, an exciting harm reduction concept, is now being launched in the Downpatrick area. Its primary aim is to improve the health of local families, by encouraging people not to smoke in the home. As most people are now aware, tobacco smoke is one of the greatest single causes of disease and illness in our community, accounting for 6 deaths a day in NI (PHA tobacco control 2015). However, the facts around second hand smoke and its detrimental effects are perhaps not so well known, with children and vulnerable adults being put at most risk.

For example:

  • Children are more likely to suffer from asthma, respiratory infections & glue ear as their lungs are more delicate and still developing.
  • Second-hand smoke also accounts for an increase in Sudden Infant Death/Cot death.
  • Children whose parents smoke are 90% more likely to smoke themselves.
  • Increased burden on the NHS
  • Fire safety implications in the home.


Smokefree homes is a simple message that gives families the knowledge and tools to make healthier choices. It is achievable for everyone, especially those who are not yet ready to stop smoking, however it often becomes a stepping stone to quitting. Community workers will also be trained to provide carbon monoxide readings. An awareness of your carbon monoxide level, helps you to make informed choices about your own health.

This project has been led by health development in South Eastern Health and Social Care Turst, and made possible by the support of CYPSP Down LPG, Down Sure Start, Bryson, Barnardo’s & Cancer Focus.


Contact Us:

If you would like more information regarding ‘Smoke-free Homes’ please contact Cathy or Lisa on; 02892501376.