SPACE – Annual Report 2015

SPACE (Supporting People and Communities Everyday)


SPACE is a charity registered with HMRC, (formally known as South Down Family Health Initiative). SPACE supports individuals and families through challenging times in their lives. The SPACE vision is to have a healthy and active population in which every person has access to services and opportunities enabling them to reach their full potential. The SPACE mission statement establishes that they want to work with and connect individuals, families and the community to support and enable people to improve their health and wellbeing. Over the last 11 years SPACE has developed a range of services to help people realise their full potential, these services have grown to provide training, support and resources to individuals and families as well as contributing substantively to the local economy by creating over 25 full and part-time jobs as well as numerous independent contractor and volunteer opportunities. There are three overarching areas of their work:

– SPACE 1—Supporting Parents and Children
– SPACE 2—Supporting People and Communities
– SPACE 3—Supporting Potential and Community Enterprise.

Throughout this report you will find detail on the work undertaken in 2015 by staff, management board and volunteers. Please take the time to read about our progress and if you wish to learn more or talk to SPACE about a project or service, lift the phone.