A digital version of VOYPIC NEWS has just been published. Produced by our VOYPIC News Hounds, it’s full of articles and pictures celebrating our third Care Day on 16 February 2018

Read articles written by young people on making a video, visiting Wales, meeting Lord Mayors, going to school, being a Young Leader and much more. See pictures from the amazing Night at the Museum and Care Day events across Northern Ireland. Challenge yourself with the VOYPIC #CareDay18 puzzle.

BIG SHOUT OUT to our VOYPIC News Hounds Amy, Aaron, Jodie, Jordan, Kian, Martha and Stacie and to Stephen at Appleby Print for making it look amazing!

Find out more at www.voypic.org/news/item/318-special-careday18-edition-of-voypic-news-hits-the-stands