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Safety / Community

Child Protection

  • Community and Good Relations
ABC Borough Council – Advice and Support
ABC Borough Council – Anti-Social Behaviour
ABC Borough Council – Bins and Waste
ABC Borough Council – Housing
ABC Borough Council – Pests and Vermin
ABC Borough Council – Road Safety Advice
ABC Borough Council – Road Safety Advice
Mid Ulster Council – Household Recycling Advice
  • Child Safety Information
Baby Check Leaflet
Button Batteries
Prevent Poisoning
Safe around roads
First aid following a burn or scald
Fixing Instructions for Blind Cord Cleat
Choking Prevention
Height Chart – Emergency First Aid Advice
Nappy Sack Safety
Safe at Home: Tips for Under-5s
Accidents and Under 5s
Stopping breathing
Safety Checklist for Parents
Trampoline Safety
How to prevent a child from choking

  • Domestic Violence
Women’s Aid
  • Fire Safety
Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service
Fire Prevention (
Electrical Safety
Fire safety advice for parents and child carers
Fire safety in the Home
Fire safety on Boats
Fire safety in high-rise accommodation
Fire Safety Outdoors
  • Self Help Guides

In an emergency DIAL 999