Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Young People Sub-Group – Consultations Feedback

 CYPSP involve young people

September 2013

The CYPSP Sub Group for Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Young People undertook to seek the views of children and young people in the development of their action plans. A number of consultations with children and young people of different ages and from different ethnic backgrounds provided a wealth of information that the group plans to use as far and wide as possible.

The CYPSP is committed to upholding the rights of children and young people and, in accordance with UNCRC best practice, the group has developed a feedback leaflet for children and young people. This means children and young people will know, not only what has happened to the information they provided, but also what the group plans to do about it. In addition, the leaflet is an easy way to let children and young people know of useful services and supports that they can use.

The group has agreed to distribute the leaflet within their own organisations to ensure that this wealth of information is used as effectively as possible. Download leaflet here