New Commissioned BME Projects

New Commissioned Projects / Services Regionally through Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and Protect Life/Suicide Prevention: BME (excluding Traveller Community)[i] from April 2015 March 2018

South Tyrone Empowerment Programme (STEP) has received commissioning  to lead the Stronger Together partnership in the design and delivery of a service to support and promote the mental and emotional well-being of minority ethnic communities in Northern Ireland.

The report on literature review will include a summary of principles of best practice in identifying mental health and emotional well-being promotion needs and building capacity of minority ethnic populations.

The steering group will be established to oversee consultation on and subsequent relevant stakeholder involvement in the development, delivery and evaluation of the pilot service. This will include engagement and consultation with key stakeholders, including minority ethnic communities and existing providers of mental health &emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention services from the statutory, community and voluntary sectors across the 5 HSC areas in Northern Ireland.

It will be designed and developed as evidence based project, to identify needs and build community capacity in relation to promoting minority ethnic mental health and emotional wellbeing which builds on and complements any existing, relevant, good practice initiatives within Northern Ireland.

For further information and engagement with pilot contact

[i] Aware- NI have been commissioned to deliver a specific Traveller –focussed pilot.


Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Young People Sub-Group – Consultations Feedback

 CYPSP involve young people

September 2013

The CYPSP Sub Group for Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Young People undertook to seek the views of children and young people in the development of their action plans. A number of consultations with children and young people of different ages and from different ethnic backgrounds provided a wealth of information that the group plans to use as far and wide as possible.

The CYPSP is committed to upholding the rights of children and young people and, in accordance with UNCRC best practice, the group has developed a feedback leaflet for children and young people. This means children and young people will know, not only what has happened to the information they provided, but also what the group plans to do about it. In addition, the leaflet is an easy way to let children and young people know of useful services and supports that they can use.

The group has agreed to distribute the leaflet within their own organisations to ensure that this wealth of information is used as effectively as possible. Download leaflet here

Regional BME Parents Reference Group Meeting

BME workshop

The Regional BME parent’s reference group had their third meeting in Parenting NI, Andras House, Great Victoria Street, Belfast on 22 June 2013.

The event celebrates this parent’s reference group now having 64 parents representing a diverse range of communities living in Northern Ireland. This includes Chinese, Ghanaian, Irish Travellers, Indian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Pakistani, Polish, Portuguese, Quechuas, Romanian, Russian, Sudanese and Vietnamese. This group also included a number of asylum seekers.

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Visit the Black & Minority Ethnic Children & Young People subgroup page

BME Action Plan Consultation Now Closed!

CYPSP and Participation Network engage with children and young people at Belong event 13-04-13

The public consultation for the BME subgroup action plan has now closed. A number of responses were received and a significant number of children, young people and parents were consulted with. Participation Network facilitated a consultation with children and young people at the recent BELONG showcase and Children’s court event. A total of 85 children and young people were consulted with. The ages of those involved ranged between 6-20 years old.

64 parents were also consulted through the BME Parents Reference Group, facilitated by Parenting NI. The views of organisations, children, young people and parents will prove vital as the BME subgroup review the consultation responses and finalise their action plan.

Download a copy of Participation Network’s consultation with children and young people summary report

Download Parenting NI’s Parents Reference Group consultation