Low Cost Play Ideas

With the cost of living crisis impacting families across Northern Ireland, Playboard NI have developed a new resource highlighting a range of low-cost play ideas in the run-up to Christmas.
Play activity does not need to be expensive or involve costly toys and gadgets – there are many ‘free and found’ play opportunities that already exist within our homes, schools, childcare settings, and communities.
Read ‘Play in times of hardship’ at https://bit.ly/playintimesofhardship for lots of free and found play ideas to help make play possible.


AMH New Youth Led Mental Health Panel

Action Mental Health are excited to be establishing a new Youth Led Mental Health Panel

This panel will involve a core panel of 30 young people aged 13-24 and a wider membership panel to inform how we can improve mental health policy and services for children and young people in NI

Download our leaflet here for more information and a link to our expression of interest form.

Children & Young People’s Resource Pack – October 2022

CYPSP’s Resource Pack for Children & Young People has been refreshed and updated to include more resources and activities on disability, mental health, education plus much more.  Also included are some activities to help keep the kids entertained over the Halloween holidays, including colouring and activity sheets and play, craft and snack ideas.

Download copy at: https://cypsp.hscni.net/download/392/covid-19/36294/cyp-resource-pack-2022.pdf

(Note: Newsletter will download directly to your device.  Look out for the pop-up box and click on open file when it appears).

Resources and activities are free and in the public domain.

 We will continue to update the resource periodically, so keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms.

Please feel free to share with your contacts and those who you think would find it useful.