Talk, Play and have Fun

Our September message of the month is: “Make our home language number one so we can talk, play and have fun”

Encourage parents to interact and communicate with their children in their home language. This is very important for and supports attachment, identity, understanding and self-esteem.

Communication is essential for a young child to build relationships; therefore it is particularly important that they can communicate with their primary caregiver and key adults around them.

When a child has moved from his/her home country, maintaining their first language helps to keep that important link with their home culture and strengthen their sense of personal identity.

Please use the link below which will take you to:

  • Message of the month video
  • a PDF version of the poster (to be displayed in setting or shared via email, Seesaw or another platform)
  • some additional ideas for how to put this message into practice


Furthermore, Check out this video which also supports our message this month: 

Don’t forget about our training for parents and anyone working with babies up to school aged children: You can access the Help Kids Talk Basic Awareness training via the link above, there are dates available for September & October at the moment. I would encourage you to sign up for level 1 training only when you have completed the Basic Awareness.