COVID-19 Information

Public Health Agency – COVID-19 Vaccination Information Materials
COVID-19 vaccination – What to expect
COVID-19 vaccination – A guide to the programme
COVID-19 vaccination – A guide for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca and very rare blood clots
COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Questions and Answers
COVID-19 Vaccine Social Media Resources
Practical advice to reduce the spread of infection in the home
  • British Red Cross - Vaccine Factsheets
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet – Amharic
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet – Arabic
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet – Bengali
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet – English
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet – Farsi
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet – Kurdish Sorani
Public Health Agency – COVID-19
Coronavirus (Covid19) HSC Services Information and Guidance
How to translate information on the PHA website using Browsealoud
Test Trace Protect – a step-by-step guide
Coronavirus (COVID-19): regulations and localised restrictions
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for students
CYPSP Covid-19 Support and Resources
Covid-19 Digital Self Trace
Covid-19 Leaflet Doctors of the World – Information for Migrants
Advice on Car Sharing – updated 21 May 2021
Safer Shopping during COVID-19
Sign Language – Important advice to keep you safe from coronavirus
Barnardos Helpline for Black and Asian Families
COVID-19: Shared and overcrowded housing – reducing the risk of infection
COVID-19 Facts – twitter video
COVID-19 Workforce Testing

Leaflets / Posters

COVID-19 Posters for GPs
COVID-19 Poster for Pharmacies
Updated Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations guidance 19 February 21
Updated Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations guidance 19 February 21- Arabic
COVID-19 vaccine – a guide for people with a learning disability

COVID-19 Vaccine

Simple guide to the COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine – What to Expect
Vaccination Booking Extended
COVID-19 vaccination – protection for health and social care workers
Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccination Service
COVID-19 vaccination – Why do I have to wait?
COVID-19 Vaccine – 65-69 Age Group
COVID-19 vaccination – 45-69 Age Group
COVID-19 vaccination – 40+ Age Group
COVID-19 How to find your Health and Care Number
COVID-19 Vaccine myth busters
Are you attending the SSE Arena Belfast for your vaccination?
If you’re observing Ramadan, getting the COVID19 vaccine will not break your fast
Sir Elton John and Sir Michael Caine encourage people to get vaccinated against coronavirus.
COVID-19 Vaccine – Age 25+
COVID-19 Vaccine – Age 18+

COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

COVID-19 Vaccine & Pregnancy
A guide to COVID-19 vaccination – all women of childbearing age

Travel Advice

Travelling to Northern Ireland from abroad
New Travel Advice

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Want a more normal life? Get your COVID-19 vaccine.

The Covid-19 vaccines have had the same safety checks as any other vaccine

Aged 18 plus? Book your vaccine now

Want a more normal life? Get your COVID-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccines have had the same safety checks as any other vaccine

Aged 18 plus? Book your vaccine now