Free School Meals & Uniform Grants

Applications for Free School Meals and Uniform Allowance for the upcoming school year are now open!

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Please note, as well as new applicants, parents/guardians of children who are already in receipt of Free School Meals and Uniform Allowance will need to apply again for this school year.  You will need to register an account to apply. You will then be able to log back in to check your application.

For more information, visit EA’s Free School Meals and Uniform Allowance page on their website:

Language Access Fund – Support for Ukrainian Nationals

Language Access Fund – Support for Ukrainian Nationals


In an effort to support the millions of families that have had to take refuge as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, Trinity College London is pleased to introduce a special round of the Trinity Language Access Fund to help those who have been affected by the war. 

What is the Trinity Language Access Fund? 

The Trinity Language Access Fund has been developed to provide English language learning and examination grants for learners who experience barriers due to race inequality, settlement status, special needs, disability and more.    

Support for Ukrainian Nationals 

The funding in this round will be specifically allocated to Ukrainian nationals who are deserving of the opportunity to learn English but who may not have access to education because of their circumstances.  

Teachers and organisations working with Ukrainian refugee learners are encouraged to apply for funding to help with the costs of lessons, equipment, materials or exams. 

Now open for applications 

Those looking to submit an application in this special Ukrainian Support round can do so from Monday 4 April 2022 up until Monday 27 June 2022. 

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Planned Intervention Programme 2022-23 Funding

Planned Intervention Programme 2022-23 Funding

EA Youth Service are delighted to launch the Planned Intervention Programme for 2022/23 on behalf of @ExecOfficeNI.

Applications are now open for EA YS registered groups via  and close at 4pm on Tues 12th April.

There are a number of support workshops available and attendance is highly recommended to gain support with your application.

You can register at




Northern Ireland – Minority Ethnic Development Fund

Northern Ireland – Minority Ethnic Development Fund

Grants are available to voluntary and community organisations promoting good community relations between people of different ethnic backgrounds across Northern Ireland.

Fund Information

Funding body: Northern Ireland Executive
Maximum value: £ 75,000
Application deadline: 27/01/2022


The Executive Office (TEO) provides and administers the Minority Ethnic Development Fund (MEDF).

Objectives of Fund

The MEDF provides support for voluntary and community organisations working with minority ethnic people and groups. The aim of the fund is to assist minority ethnic and local community organisations to promote good relations between people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Value Notes

Applications are sought for the funding period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025.

Grant awards will fall into three broad categories or ‘tiers’:

Tier 1

  • Tier 1a – Funding awards between £100 – £5,000.
  • Tier 1b – Funding awards between £5,000.01 – £10,000.
  • Projects which are not multi-annual must be delivered and full expenditure incurred by 31 March 2023.

Tier 2

  • Tier 2a – Funding awards between £10,000.01 – £30,000 per annum.
  • Tier 2b – Funding awards between £30,000.01 – £45,000 per annum.

Tier 3

  • Tier 3a – Funding awards between £45,000.01 – £60,000 per annum.
  • Tier 3b – Funding awards between £60,000.01 – £75,000 per annum.

Who Can Apply

Applications will be accepted from organisations that:

  • Are legally able to operate in Northern Ireland.
  • Are independent, established for charitable purposes, and have a constitution or set of rules defining their aims, objectives and operational procedures.
  • Have a definable management structure and appropriate financial controls.
  • Have aims and objectives which are designed to take account of the needs of people from a minority ethnic background.
  • Have principles of operation which accord with legislation on employment, health and safety, racial, religious, political, sexual and disability discrimination for employees and volunteers.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to equal opportunities.


Northern Ireland


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Individuals.
  • Statutory bodies.
  • Commercial organisations.
  • Academic institutions (schools, colleges, universities).
  • Trade unions.
  • Political parties.
  • Applicants who have failed to comply with the terms of a letter of offer or monitoring requirements from a previous grant awarded by the Executive Office.
  • Projects where there is no demonstrable evidence that public funding is required to implement the project.
  • Capital projects.
  • Contracted services.
  • Competitions.
  • Activities which are party political in nature.
  • Activities outside Northern Ireland.
  • Retrospective costs.

Eligible Expenditure

Grants are available for projects which contribute to the promotion of good relations between people of different ethnic backgrounds, the building of community cohesion, and promotion of integration. Eligible projects should work towards the following outcomes:

  • Equality of Service Provision – people from a minority ethnic background can access and benefit from all public services equally.
  • Elimination of prejudice, racism and hate crime.
  • Increased participation, representation and belonging – people from minority ethnic backgrounds participate in and are represented fully in all aspects of life and enjoy a sense of ‘belonging’.
  • Cultural diversity is celebrated – the rights of people from minority ethnic backgrounds to maintain their culture and traditions in line with human rights norms and to pass them on to subsequent generations are recognised and supported.

Eligible activity should fall under one of the following three categories (or tiers):

  • Tier One – for one-off events and projects which will contribute to achieving one (tier 1a) or two (tier 1b) of the programme outcomes. Awards made under this Tier may cover expenses such as travel, postage, catering, stationery, printing, interpretation, venue hire, promotional costs and, in certain circumstances, salary costs and/or fees. Applications for other expenses may also be considered.
  • Tier Two – for central management, development and administrative costs and to enable organisations to develop and provide services and projects that will contribute to achieving the programme’s outcomes and develop self-supporting organisations, which will be in a position to access mainstream funding from government. Tier 2 applications must contribute to achieving three (tier 2a) or all four (tier 2b) of the programme outcomes. The Department will pay up to 100% of an organisation’s salary costs (including employer’s national insurance contribution). The Department will also pay up to 100% of an organisation’s support costs. Examples of claims which may be made under development funding include salaries, employer’s pension contributions, travel, stationery, postage, telephone and internet connections.
  • Tier Three – funding is intended to meet central management, development and administrative costs and thereby enable organisations to develop and provide services and projects. Tier 3 applications must contribute to achieving all four of the programme outcomes. Tier 3 applications must also include clear proposals to provide a mentoring role with smaller or less experienced organisations and/or to work collaboratively with others in the sector.

How To Apply

The deadline for applications is 2pm on 27 January 2022.

Guidance notes and the application form are available at the website of the Executive Office.

Useful links

The Executive Office

The Executive Office – Racial Equality

Addresses and contacts

For further information on how to obtain this grant locally, please contact the following:

Northern Ireland Executive
Minority Ethnic Development Fund
Room E3.18
Castle Buildings
Tel: 028 9052 8560
Calls and deadlines

Information on future calls is indicative only and may be subject to change.

2022 Deadline

Application start date: 20/12/2021
Application end date: 27/01/2022


2022/23 Central Good Relations Fund

The 2022/23 Central Good Relations Fund (CGRF) is now open for groups who wish to apply online for a project funding grant (for projects over £1,500).

Applications must be submitted online by: Thursday 13 January 2022 at 6:00pm

To access the online application portal, you must first register your organisation. However, if you registered in the last two years, you do not need to register again. Please follow the link below and enter your username and password in the ‘Local Account Login’ section to log in to the application portal.

Already Registered? Login to apply for a 2022/23 CGRF grant

If you have not already registered, please use the link below to register your organisation. Please note, you must register your organisation by 12:00 noon on Thursday 13 January 2022 to enable access to the online application portal. Any registrations submitted after that time will not be accepted.

Register to be able to apply for a 2022/23 CGRF grant

You should read the 2022/23 CGRF Guidance notes (attached) which include a step-by-step guide to registration and a step-by-step guide to the application form before you start.

To register (if you have not already done so), you will need:

  • Your contact information;
  • Details of your organisation, including address and organisation type; and
  • A copy of your organisation’s constitution (WORD or PDF).

Online Application
To apply online you will need:

  • Your online sign in details (username and password);
  • Details of your proposed project including proposed activities and costings; and
  • Copies of job descriptions, if applicable (for any salary(s) being claimed).

Got questions?
Contact our team using the e-mail below:

Download 2022/23 Central Good Relations Fund Guidance Notes