School Uniform Recycling Toolkit

Member organisations and services of Dungannon and Mid Ulster Locality Planning Groups (LPG’s) worked in partnership to develop a  Uniform Recycling Toolkit to support schools in running a School Uniform Recycling initiative.

The Toolkit idea grew from both LPG’s identifying poverty as a critical factor which can adversely affect families which has been further exacerbated by the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 pandemic in recent years, and it was agreed to produce a practical toolkit to support schools in the running of a School Uniform Recycling Initiative.

The Toolkit includes handy tips, suggested structures for discussion, templates to adapt and use, and links to further reading and resources, and is available for any school to use.

Schools within the Southern or Northern Areas who decide to run a School Uniform Recycling initiative are asked to make contact with:

Download School Uniform Recycling Tool Kit

Download Uniform Inventory Spreadsheet