Southern Area FYI Newsletter – Issue 81

Welcome to the 81st edition of our information bulletin, ‘FYI’ (For Your Information).

Download Issue 81 – 28 April 2022

You will see inside a number of training and awareness sessions listed on a wide range of issues.  They are included in chronological order and the closer to the start of ‘FYI’ the sooner the session will take place.

You will also see a great range of opportunities for parents and carers to engage with services, so, if you work with parents or carers, please share these with your families.

Once again, we have added a page to help you share ‘FYI’ on social media, so go to page 41 to follow these instructions. We have also attached a copy of ‘FYI’ to our original newsletter cover e-mail to try and make it easier for you to access.

We hope you will find useful information in ‘FYI’ – See you for the next edition!

Joanne Patterson & Darren Curtis, Locality Development Team, Southern Area