Southern Area LPG FYI – 14th October 2021

Welcome to the 69th edition of our information bulletin, ‘FYI’ (For Your Information).

FYI Issue 69 – 14 October 2021

(Note: FYI will download directly to your device.  Look out for the pop up box and click on open file when it appears)

We want to ensure that the valuable information included in our fortnightly newsletter reaches the people who need it most and so, this autumn, we are asking all of our Locality Planning Group members to make a conscious effort to forward share ‘FYI’ with parents, carers and young people with whom they work, live or know.

Please e-mail, post on Facebook, tweet, print out and even just tell people about ‘FYI’ and point anyone interested in being added to the ‘FYI’ circulation list in our direction.

Thanks, in advance, for your support.