Arabic Speaking Parents Experiences of Education System in NI

The Parent Participation Service recognizes the importance of designing services with parents using their voice and the skills of practitioners together to improve services.  We understand the vital role that parents have in creating improved outcomes for children and families.  We are here to support parents to influence the activities of the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) and to support service providers to develop and improve co-production practice with parents.

We facilitated an informative direct participation event with Arabic speaking
parents from the N.I. Family Muslim Association exploring their experiences of the
education system in NI. See infographic  below of the keypoints that were captured that will be shared with Outcomes Groups for inclusion in future planning.



Annual Family Support Hub Report Card 2021/22

FSH Annual Report Card 2021/22 and Family Samples 2021/22 are now available on the website under Family Support Hub Monitoring on the Family Support Hub page or downloaded here.

It has been another very busy year for the Family Support Hubs and referral numbers have risen each year since monitoring began. Hubs continue to meet the needs of families across all 29 Hubs and ensure families are able to access early intervention services to best meet their needs. The annual report reflects the hard work and dedication of the Hub Coordinators and members through the year and reaffirms the effectiveness of the Hubs.

Belfast Agenda Review – Engagement Plan

Shape the next stage of Belfast’s journey.

Belfast Agenda Review – Engagement Plan (Phase 1)
The engagement plan has been drafted to achieve the following engagement outcomes from the initial phase of Belfast Agenda: Continuing the Conversation which seeks to reach consensus on:
• The long-term vision and outcomes for Belfast (to 2035); and
• The short-term priorities, which will form the focus of community planning activity over the period 2022-2026.

The Plan includes four flagship area-based, online workshops, for which we will work with local partners to plan and deliver the event. Please note that while further thematic events are planned for Phase 2 (Action Planning), an Engagement Toolkit will be provided for all partners should they wish to lead/ deliver additional events or engage their stakeholders directly. It is proposed that any information captured from these events is fed back to

It is assumed that lockdown measures will remain in place for the near future and therefore, most engagement events will at least initially take place virtually or online. However, if the situation improves, we will allow for face-to-face engagement later in the process.

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8th Annual Social Work and Social Care Research in Practice Conference

The CYPSP Team were delighted to be chosen to share two presentations and three posters at the 8th Annual Social work and Social Care Research in Practice Conference on Wednesday 10th March 2021 on the Impact of Covid19 on Children and Young People, Our Journey through Disability Co-production and the new Translation Hub needs assessment/development.

Una Casey, Business Support Manager presented research on the impact of COVID-19 on families, children and young people and emotional mental health.  Also Darren Curtis, Locality Development officer, and Jim McDonnell, a parent presented on their excellent example of co-production work within the Newry Locality Planning Group on Our Journey through Disability.

CYPSP also submitted 3 posters to the conference demonstrating some of the broad work of the Partnership based on research, evidence, co-production and partnership. Huge congratulations to Una for winning 2nd prize on her poster relaying her research on the Impact of Covid-19 on families, Children and Young People.  Also well done to Michael Hill and Valerie Maxwell, CYPSP Information team, for designing and producing the posters and video which are available to download in PDF format below.  Just click on each poster:-  View Video at Translation-Hub-Video – Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) (

Reconnection and Transitions – Evaluation Report

An evaluation report of the ‘Reconnection and Transitions’ programme in the summer of 2020 (Paula Goldsborough – January 2021)

2020 was a highly unusual year in the 20 year history of the delivery of Early Years services and programmes in South Belfast Sure Start due to the outbreak of the novel Coronovirus pandemic. As an organisation we have had to take stock of what we were doing and how we were doing it and respond innovatively to the different phases of the ongoing health crisis while trying to keep our children, families and staff as safe as possible. This evaluation focusses on one specific new programme we established in the summer of 2020 and the learning from that programme both as we continue to work within a global pandemic and hopefully for when we return to a more normal situation.

Read the full report HERE