Annual Family Support Hub Report Card 2021/22

FSH Annual Report Card 2021/22 and Family Samples 2021/22 are now available on the website under Family Support Hub Monitoring on the Family Support Hub page or downloaded here.

It has been another very busy year for the Family Support Hubs and referral numbers have risen each year since monitoring began. Hubs continue to meet the needs of families across all 29 Hubs and ensure families are able to access early intervention services to best meet their needs. The annual report reflects the hard work and dedication of the Hub Coordinators and members through the year and reaffirms the effectiveness of the Hubs.

Assistive Technology for Children with Vision Impairment

We’re excited to share that applications have now re-opened for free iPads for children aged 3-18 with a vision impairment, for use at home.

The devices have excellent accessibility features built-in, and online guides and tutorials will be provided to help them get started and to ensure that they know how to stay safe online. The devices will be completely free of charge, with the only requirement being proof of vision impairment.

We know how important technology is for children with a vision impairment; if you are aware of any children who could benefit please do share the information with families.

Stocks are limited so we would encourage interested applicants to apply as soon as possible. More information, including how to apply, can be found on the following webpage:

There is also a webpage detailing the eligibility criteria: Eligibility criteria (

We are planning some social media posts on the Guide Dogs UK social media channels later this week, so please share these if you would like to. I have put the links to our Facebook and Twitter channels below:

Guide Dogs (@guidedogs) / Twitter

Guide Dogs UK | Facebook

Tech for All is just one of many services Guide Dogs provide for children and young people. We offer buddy dogs, a well behaved canine companion for children with sight loss; our ‘My Time to Play’ Programme for children with sight loss aged 0-4, learning through sensory play in a group setting led by our habilitation specialists; and much more.

We have also recently launched an online customer panel, for all people with sight loss, or parents of children with a vision impairment. It’s completely free to join and participate in. Members will be invited to take part in interesting research activities. It’s a great way for people to get their voice heard and we hope they will find it personally rewarding.  The system is fully accessible so that the experience will be as frustration free as possible. To become a member, people should complete a short 10 minute survey on the following link:

If families would like to find out more about our services, they can visit our website or contact Guide Line on 0800 781 1444.


ESOL English for Speakers of other Languages

Please see attached links and resources online for general ESOL home learning and some specific resources targeted at teenagers.

ESOL Websites and Apps for Teenagers

Study at Home.

In addition, please see below a few other Northern Ireland specific links and information updates you may find useful:

  1. Belfast Met – ESOL provision – Academic Year 22/23 – * due to open for bookings for assessment and enrolment sessions in July 2022 (see below):

ESOL assessment slots with the Belfast Met College will only go live for online bookings via the link above on Thursday 21st July, at 1pm.

  1. In Northern Ireland, the BHSCT have developed on behalf of the region a set of leaflets explaining how to access HSC services through the NHS – see link below:

Access to HSC Booklet – 1 (

These HSC materials are translated into 15 different languages.

  1. Learning Unlimited are running brand new and forward looking CPD sessions for ESOL practitioners later this month and July 22. Designed by John Sutter (Learning Unlimited Director & Language/Literacy specialist) and focussing on aspects of ESOL teaching facing challenges and change. There are four interconnected subject areas: sociolinguistics, new literacies, multimodal communication and decolonisation – you can find a promo video and booking details via the link below:

  2. SOLACE – Free E-Learning course – Understanding Refugee and Asylum Seekers Mental Health

Would you like to be able to better support the emotional wellbeing of people seeking asylum in the UK, and influence others in your organisation to do the same? Our new online course is aimed at people in any role who may find themselves coming into contact with asylum seekers and would like to develop their understanding of the issues impacting their wellbeing so they can provide effective help.

E-Learning Flyer (

The Difference ‘FYI’ Newsletter is Making!

In January 2019, the CYPSP Southern Area Locality Development Team introduced a new innovative way of sharing information on the great work of services and organisations striving to improve outcomes for children, young people and families in the Southern Trust Area.

With the aim of strengthening contacts, participation, engagement and connections in the region, Southern Area LPG members, as well as the wider community, are invited to submit flyers, posters & announcements promoting relevant events, opportunities, programmes and initiatives. All of this information is then collated and shared via a one-stop shop style newsletter, FYI’ (For Your Information).

This fortnightly e-bulletin is currently circulated on alternate Thursday afternoons to over 800 contacts, advertising on behalf of a varied range of community, voluntary & statutory organisations. The newsletter is also widely promoted across various CYPSP social media channels and e-mail circulars.

With ‘FYI’ having moved into its 80th edition in April this year, the time was right for us to review this fortnightly newsletter and how it is making an impact on the ground.

The good news is that the Southern Area Locality Development Team are already making positive changes to our e-bulletin on the back of feedback received through the recent survey!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who responded to our survey and told us how you view ‘FYI’. Thanks, too, to all of our Southern Area LPG members and newsletter recipients for their continued support of this information sharing service.

To see the difference ‘FYI’ is making, click HERE.

If you would like to be added to the ‘FYI’ newsletter circulation list, please e-mail the Southern Area Locality Development Team on

Rise & Shine Preschool Newsletter

Welcome to the summer edition of the RISE NI NHSCT Preschool newsletter! It’s hard to believe that we are coming towards the end of the school year and that the summer holidays are almost here. The ‘holidays’ will hopefully feel a bit more ‘normal’ this year, as COVID restrictions in the community have relaxed, meaning we are all able to spend more time with family and friends… not to mention travel to places close to home and further afield! No matter how you spend the ‘holidays’, one thing is certain, July and August will fly by and you will soon be celebrating your little one’s first day at Primary School! This edition of RISE & Shine will focus on what you, as parents/carers/families can do to promote your child’s readiness for school over the summer months. We hope you have an action packed and fun-filled summer trying out some of our suggested activities.

Rise & Shine Preschool Newsletter 16th Edition June 2022