BSCR Period Poverty Initiative

Belfast South Community Resources (BSCR), has launched a new period poverty initiative in the South Belfast area. Period poverty is a challenge facing many girls and women across Northern Ireland, with many forced to use makeshift sanitary wear such as toilet roll and socks because they struggle to afford sanitary products.

The project aims to overcome what is often referred to as the ‘toxic trio’: the cost of sanitary products; a lack of education about periods; and the shame, stigma and taboo surrounding menstruation. This is being achieved by creating awareness on social media platforms, providing in-school workshops to promote good menstrual knowledge and donating a number of sanitary and hygiene products to schools, churches and community organisations, where girls facing period poverty can access products.

For more information or to get involved with this Period Poverty Initiative, please contact Sophie Dempster (Education, Health and Well-being Coordinator for BSCR):