Issue 100 – Southern Area FYI – 23 March 2023

Welcome to the milestone 100th issue of our information bulletin, ‘FYI’ (For Your Information).

Download your copy here

So, we’ve made it to 100 ‘FYI’s! A real achievement for our very small team and made possible by all of those who have submitted information on a wealth of relevant issues. Thank you to all and to those who have signed up to receive this every fortnight. And a massive thank you to Joanne, in our team, who is the creative talent behind it!!!

We have included some testimonials from our valued partners over the years which tell you how invaluable they have found ‘FYI’ over the last 4 years – Our very first edition was creatively called ‘What’s On’, released on 21st January 2019 and consisting of just 12 pages…

May we also draw your attention to our new School Uniform Recycling Toolkit on page 3 which we are inviting all schools across the Southern Area to use to help families recycle their children’s school uniforms, and also to our invitation on page 4 to anyone who wishes to come along to one of our Locality Planning Group meetings. The meetings include a lot of information sharing which is always very beneficial to all.

In the meantime, see you in a fortnight for Edition 101!!

Locality Development Team, Southern Area