Southern Area LPG FYI – 22nd July 2021

Welcome to the 63rd edition of our information bulletin, FYI (For Your Information).

FYI Issue 63 22nd July 2021

We hope you continue to enjoy our new look ‘FYI’ which includes additional summer activities for the Southern Area.

You may notice this edition contains less pages than usual. We will continue to keep our bulletins in a more manageable size, by including submissions for one edition instead of two (unless otherwise requested). This will help keep ‘FYI’ both relevant and fresh.

We would like to invite any relevant service, organisation or group to our forthcoming Locality Planning Groups, which re-commence in September. We will provide further information on this in our next newsletter.

In the meantime, you will see the dates for all of our upcoming LPG meetings on Page 23.

Joanne Patterson & Darren Curtis, Locality Development Team, Southern Area