School Uniform Recycling Toolkit

Having identified poverty as a critical factor which can adversely affect families and which has been further exacerbated by the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 pandemic in recent years, members of both the Dungannon and Mid Ulster LPGs have co-produced a practical toolkit to support schools in the running of a School Uniform Recycling Initiative.

The Toolkit offers a practical resource for schools in running a School Uniform Recycling Initiative and includes handy tips, suggested structures for discussion, templates to adapt and use, and links to further reading and resources.

Although the School Uniform Recycling Toolkit was produced for the Mid Ulster Council area, it can be adapted and used across NI-wide settings.

Thanks to members of both the Dungannon and Mid Ulster Locality Planning Groups (LPGs): local partnerships working towards improving outcomes for children, young people and families across Northern Ireland.

Thanks to the PTA of Magherafelt High School for their support and feedback on the Toolkit and to those participating schools in the Mid Ulster area.

Thanks also to the authors/owners of the various resources and further reading we have included throughout the Toolkit.

Download School Uniform Recycling Tool Kit

Download Uniform Inventory Spreadsheet

For any clarification or assistance in using/adapting the School Uniform Recycling Toolkit, please contact one of the following Locality Planning Co-ordinators based on the geographic area of your school:

Northern Health & Social Care Trust area: Emma McElhone(

Southern Health & Social Care Trust area: Darren Curtis (




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