How are Children and Young People Doing in Northern Ireland?

We have just published our NI outcome monitoring report 2021 full of multi-agency population/census data. Download your copy now at This is a great resource for assessing need, planning & evidence for funding opportunities.


This 11th Outcome Monitoring Report shows how children and young people in Northern Ireland are doing in relation to the Government’s eight outcomes and covers the period 2015 up to 2022 (where available) The report presents the information collected against agreed indicators for each outcome, providing trend analysis over time and comparison across geographical sectors.

This report will be kept as a live report under the publications page on the CYPSP website with information being updated as it becomes available we have highlighted in the index  where we are still awaiting data.

Southern Area FYI – Issue 91

Welcome to the 91st edition of our information bulletin, ‘FYI’ (For Your Information).

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This week is Parenting Week which celebrates the roles of parents in their children’s lives.  As always, we have included a range of services and support for parents and check out the new animation for Parentline NI on page 28.

We are also continuing to publicise support available for families in relation to the cost of living crisis. If you provide such support, please add your details to the resource detailed on page 4.

We are always happy to share relevant information in ‘FYI’ and thanks for your continuing support!

The next issue of ‘FYI’ will be circulated on Thursday 10th November 2022.

Joanne Patterson & Darren Curtis, Locality Development Team, Southern Area

Southern Area LPG FYI – 2nd September 2021

Welcome to the 66th edition of our information bulletin, ‘FYI’ (For Your Information).

FYI Issue 66 2 September 2021

As we enter the start of a new school year some challenges still remain for families in an ever-changing environment. Two of the key priorities for our Locality Planning Action Plans are Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Heath for Children & Young People and Supporting Parents & Caregivers.  With this in mind, can we draw your attention to some very relevant opportunities for parents on pages 3-5 which have been organised through the CAWT MACE programme.  Places are limited so please hurry to register!

We also have other opportunities, events and activities in this edition of ‘FYI’ and please forward this onto any relevant contacts you may have – whether colleagues or families with whom you work.

Portadown Gets Active celebrates Innovation Award!


The Portadown Gets Active Programme extended its reached to over 71 children and 43 peer mentors over Easter in April 2018. Activities during the programme included physical activities and sport, baking, growing your own edible garden, Go Fly Your Kite and a Talent Show to round off the programme.  The edible garden will be revisited in the summer programme to enjoy the fruits of the effort by participants.


The Portadown Gets Active Programme is a partnership approach to tackling holiday hunger that includes includes physical activity, healthy eating and a continued learning/educational element.

Following on from the Summer 2017, Halloween and Christmas Programme, Oasis Youth Project continued to lead the very successful project in partnership with the Craigavon Locality Planning Group to provide a packed programme for children and young people in the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough.



Feedback from Young People and Families

  • One young person spoke following the programme and said “I learnt how to be healthy and eat vegetables and fruits, thank you very much”


  • A Peer Mentor who supported the delivery of the programme said at the end of the programme that “Every volunteer got to interact with the kids and I’ve gotten so much out of it”.


  • Many parents congratulated the programme leads and feedback on how much their children enjoyed the programme. One parent spoke to us during the programme and said “Portadown Gets Active is a fantastic programme. Well done!”


Click here to download our report card from the Portadown Gets Active Easter Programme


Special Recognition to Our Peer Mentors!


During the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council’s Community Awards ceremony on 10 May 2018, the Peer Mentors from Portadown Gets Active won the Innovation Award for their amazing work on the programme. Well done to all the young people who volunteered their time during the programme to support Portadown Gets Active!


Contact Us:

To find out more about this workshop and the role of the Newry Locality Planning Group contact:

Darren Curtis, Southern Area Locality Planning Officer by email at or telephone 028 95 363966


Portadown Gets Active Success!


Children in Northern Ireland ran a summer scheme to support local children in Portadown.  The programme was delivered in partnership with the community and voluntary sector, statutory agencies, local schools and local government with additional support from Craigavon based Almac Group.

The scheme Portadown Gets Active was aimed at tackling the problem of holiday hunger.  This new and unique initiative was aimed at offering children a fun and active holiday programme, which not only provides a free nutritious breakfast and lunch but also gives children the opportunity to gain an OCN qualification in Healthy Living. 
Pauline Leeson, Chief Executive of Children in Northern Ireland, said: “It is incredibly sad that in this day and age we still have families struggling to provide enough food for their children.   Not only is food poverty detrimental to children’s health, it also has serious implications for their educational future.  Which is why our project is so unique in its approach and why it has been a huge success by improving many outcomes for children.”

Some of the improved outcomes from this project include:

– Improved mental health and well-being for young people
– Improved nutrition during school holidays
– Improved educational achievement and no loss of educational memory
– Increased confidence and skills
– Reduced poor health through nutrition and exercise
– Improved employment prospects and progression (OCN qualification)
– Higher levels of social interaction and participation
– Increased confidence, health and well-being.

Speaking about the scheme, Kevin Reid, VP Corporate Marketing, Almac Group, stated “Portadown Gets Active is a fantastic project which we were delighted to support.  The kids who participated over the summer have developed a range of valuable skills and knowledge about nutrition, health and well-being whilst making friends and, most of all, having fun in the process. Congratulations to the team of volunteers who helped make the programme such a success.
The Portadown Gets Active project will be running throughout the year during school holiday times summer, Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

The project in Portadown is a partnership between Children in Northern Ireland, Oasis Youth Portadown, Children & Young People’s Strategic Partnership, Pathways Activities and Presentation Primary School with additional support from the Public Health Agency, food supplier Brakes UK and the Almac Group.

To view the video of the project visit here.


Contact Us:

For further information please contact Ellen Finlay, Children in Northern Ireland at 02890 401 290 or by email at