Our Voices: Looking Beyond Borders – Survey

Looking Beyond Borders is a youth led cross border research study into the needs of young people aged 11-25.

Looking at issues related to identity, culture, covid-19, the past, present and future.

It is important for young people to have their voice heard opinions listened to and acted upon…..


👀 Our Voices: Looking Beyond Borders📣📣

✌🏼💬 Have your views heard on identity, culture, covid-19, the past and future! 💬✌🏼

❓Are you aged 11-25? From NI or ROI?

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Southern Area LPG FYI – 19th August 2021

Welcome to the 65th edition of our information bulletin, FYI (For Your Information).

FYI Issue 65 19 August 2021

We are delighted to include a new resource for young people for emotional wellbeing and mental health.  Over the last few months, members of the Emotional Wellbeing Network in the Southern Area have worked in co-production with young people to produce the Youth Wellness Web, an online resource for young people across Northern Ireland to access information and tips on maintaining good emotional wellbeing. All the details are on the slide 3 of the newsletter, so please share this valuable resource with young people, parents and anyone working with young people.

We also have the usual wide range of opportunities, activities and resources to keep everyone occupied!

Keep well and keep connected!!

Joanne Patterson & Darren Curtis, Locality Development Team, Southern Area

Be Mindful on Social Media

We are thinking about how to be more mindful on social media. Words can be healing or can be hurtful. This 3 minute rule gives us time to consider how our words can impact others. It’s important wherever possible that we use our words to lift one another up.